Compete: Bing Grabs Market Share From Google, Now 34% Share In US


As Microsoft’s search engine Bing gains credibility, Google appears to be suffering the consequences. Compete has found as Google’s search share has dropped 2.6% between July 2011 and 2012 that Bing has seen a 4.2% increase in market share. Fortunately for Microsoft, Bing has become the desired search engine for new platforms such as the new improved Kindle Fire as well as Windows 8 and Windows Phones; meaning that it’s nothing but good news for Microsoft.

Google still dominates approximately 65.7% of the market in comparison to Yahoo with 15.1% and Bing with 19.2%; but to be fair, Google has been active since 1998 and Yahoo in 1994, whereas Bing was only created merely 3 years ago in 2009.  In addition Bing is responsible for Yahoo’s market share as Microsoft has a deal with Yahoo to provide search results for their search engine. 

Hopefully the integration of Bing with Windows 8 will see a further erosion of Google’s market share.