Comparison: Microsoft Lumia 53x series vs Motorola Moto E

Windows Phone and Android. The two names which can make even two Tech enthusiasts fight among themselves. While Windows Phone is still struggling to get space in the smartphone market, Android is leading the market almost in every part of the world. We are not far away from the Next Chapter of Windows event where Microsoft is rumored to be announcing the new update, Windows 10 for phones.

We need to see what that will bring to the table but for now we are here comparing some of the more affordable phones which are already announced.

While the 3 smartphones in our list are already available in the market, Microsoft Lumia 532 is a new launched device and is not available in the market as of yet. As far as our Android competitor is concerned, Motorola Moto E is not a new name for anyone. The device was one of the best seller last year and it runs on the stock Android which comes directly from the Google’s factory.

Now moving towards our comparison, the first thing a person looks before purchasing a smartphone in today’s world is the specs sheet. So we created a brief specs sheet of all the smartphones for our readers. Check below for the specs of all the devices.


One thing is pretty clear here. After seeing the specs, we only have one device with 512 MB RAM and that’s the Lumia 530. The remained of the handsets all have 1 GB RAM which makes them ideal for Gaming purposes and as far as Moto E is concerned, it essential to run Android smoothly. Numbers aren’t the only story, though. For example the Lumia 535 has auto-focus on its 5MP camera and an LED flash. The other three do not, making it certainly the choice for the selfie aficionado.

The biggest point that go in favor of Moto E is the price. The device is priced at approx a $110 and all the other three devices are way too costly. In specs the handset is a strange mix of the Lumia 530, which is comparable in price and Lumia 535, which is significantly more expensive. It lacks significantly in storage space (particularly with Android’s poor microSD card support),  has a smaller screen, no flash and no Front Pacing Camera, showing that in the case of that handset you end up getting what you pay for.

Which one is best buy and value for money?

While going further answering this question, the first thing I want to do is to remove Lumia 530. I can’t understand, why Microsoft released it. It has no worth now, considering the specs Lumia 535 and Lumia 532 are offering in the same price. The other 3 devices have a tough fight between them. Lumia 535 and Lumia 532 has already made Microsoft’s intentions clear. They are ready to take on Android especially in the lower segment or the sub $100-$150 segment. While as we move to Moto E, the device itself is a must buy for Android lovers and the Windows Phone haters.

If you live in a place where you will have all the devices, we recommend skipping the  Lumia 530. After that it comes partly down to price. The Lumia 532 is set to cost around €79 when it goes on sale while the Lumia 535 is around the €110 mark. Not a huge difference and with the added benefits of a larger, higher resolution display, auto-focus and an LED flash on the camera, it’s the one we’d recommend if you can afford the extra cash.

So if we consider Windows Phone then Lumia 535 and Lumia 532 have a tie considering your choice. As far as Moto E is considered, it is also a good device and if you need a device to run all those 1.7 million Android apps for less cash, then without thinking go for Moto E .

Our final verdict goes in the hands of our readers to choose which device to buy. If you love Android then go for Moto E else we have Lumia 532 and Lumia 535 waiting for you.

We also want to hear your choices. Take our poll below to let us know which device suits your personality.

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