Comparison between Vivo Nex 3 and Galaxy Note 10 shows why Samsung still pulls ahead in stuff that matters


16, 2019

Just a couple of hours back, Vivo launched their highly anticipated Nex 3 and Nex 3 5G. The device features a Snapdragon 855+, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB of storage and comes with waterfall display design.

The official launch of Nex 3 meant that the embargo was lifted and we started seeing the unboxing and the first impression of the device. Mrwhosetheboss went ahead and compared the Vivo Nex 3 with Samsung’s latest Note 10. While on paper both the devices have similar specs and even similar design, the review was yet another example of why Galaxy Note 10 is still the most complete smartphone.

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As he noted, the Vivo Nex 3 performs slightly better in terms of photography because of the 64 MP camera. Note 10, however, did beat Vivo in low light photography as well as it managed to capture better colours. Note 10 also has UFS 3.0 storage and 12 GB of RAM which helps it pull ahead in day-to-day tasks.

Coming to the display, both Note 10 and Nex 3 come with a curved screen but Nex 3 features a waterfall display which is far superior than the Note 10. However, the waterfall display doesn’t serve any purpose apart from aesthetics since the curved part doesn’t support touch to prevent accidental touches. Samsung also pulls ahead in terms of the in-display fingerprint scanner since it uses an ultrasonic scanner as opposed to Vivo’s optical scanner.

Lastly, if we get down to specifics, the Vivo has an advantage in terms of the 64 MP camera, the waterfall design, 3.5mm headphone jack, better SoC. Moving to Samsung, it has a better overall camera, better day-t0-day performance, ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, S-Pen, and SD card slot. In the end, it always depends on the customer and their budget, but if the price is not an issue then I think Note 10 retains the title of the perfect (well almost perfect since there’s no headphone jack) smartphone.

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