Coming wave of Capacitive-screened Windows Mobile 6.5 devices?

hd2withglovesMoPocket claims to have had a word with a Microsoft rep at a tech show, and asked them about what we call Windows Mobile 6.5.1.

In the apparently revealing response, the Microsoft tech said WM 6.5.1 was a made-up name, and that it may just be called Windows Mobile 6.5. 

He claimed, as has long been suspected, that the whole design is to cater for new capacitive devices being proposed by OEMs.

According to MoPocket he said:

True, the new HTC HD2 (a beautiful phone, I might add), is capacitive and running 6.5. However, in order to pull that off, HTC had to go off and develop countless new UI changes of their own and throw in a new TouchFlo (sense-ui) to make it all work.

With new devices being proposed with capacitive screens, MS realizes there is a problem and is stepping up to the task.

The end result may not be as pretty (yet- remember this is still a work in progress and leaked from their labs), but it proves that native capacitive support is possible.

The HTC HD2 navigates the capacitive mine field on Windows Mobile relatively successfully, and we have seen capacitive screens on roadmaps by other OEMs like Toshiba. I suspect, whether we are fans or not, we are all going to have to get used to these kind of screens very soon.

Read the full interview here.