Coming Up: Random Reviews

Random.jpg Random image by BludOgre

In an effort to always keeping WMPoweruser  resourceful, and for the most part funny, I am considering a new strand of articles. Random Reviews, these will be a little segment I felt like doing for some time now, and I thought I should get your opinion on it. In this segment, I will review the most random things from Laptop backpacks, to new innovative fans, and things that are tied to Windows Phone by a strand of hair. This might be done for a month just to see how it goes, and if people approve on it, then I might be able to do more.

I am excited to see what you (the readers) opinion on this is. I think it would be quite funny trying to relate two tings that are generally not put together. Comment below and tell me if you think I should move on with this plan or throw it into space.