ComicReader Mobi – amazing must buy for desktop comic readers

comic Reading scanned graphic novels is pretty serious business for many people, and if you are one of them and have a Windows Mobile phone, ComicReader Mobi is a serious must-have application.

We have written about this application before, when it was already quite cool.  The app has now grown up into a full commercial version, and has been polished to an amazing sheen.


  • Autosizing lens. Just tap on any text, and the lens will zoom in on just that part. Finally you can see the whole comic as the artist intended without sacrificing readability!
  • Native support for zips, and rars files.
  • Autobookmarking. Comic Reader Mobi remembers your last position in every file, and even in every series. Switch between them without ever having to worry about losing your place.
  • Next page is prebuffered so there is no lag between pages
  • High quality Image resizing ensures that images look their very best
  • Bring up the transparent onscreen controls by double clicking on the page, or pressing the lower corners
  • Automatically checks for updates
  • bindable keys, zoom in, out or change pages with any button you want
  • Associates with cbr,cbz and other comic formats

To get a good feel of the application, see this video recorded from the iPhone version below. Of note is that the UI is virtually identical between the two versions, something I would like to see more from in Windows Mobile applications. 

Read more about the application, which is available for $11.99, here.