Colour us surprised – Google has “no current plans” to bring Google Chrome to Windows Phone



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Back in March we reported that Google staff were responding to a bug report that Google Chrome was not available on Windows Phone by saying they would investigate the issue.

Now, 4 months later, we have an update, and we are not really surprised that the answer is not encouraging.

Google Software Engineer Carlos Pizano confirmed that:

“[There are] No current plans that I am aware of. Chrome needs more privileges than a regular metro app so there is no simple port.”

This is of course hokum, given that Google’s Chrome browser runs perfectly well on iOS using their rendering engine, and that the browser would bring much more than its rendering engine to Windows Phone, including features such as password and tab synching, omnibar search and Google Now integration.  Carlos’s suggestion that 3rd party developers bring Chromium to Windows Phone appears to ignore the real value to the browser, which is certainly a lot more than just the rendering engine.

Of course if Google is happy to lose 8% of the UK market’s search traffic to Bing,  and even more in Italy then we can only say Good on you Google. I’m sure they will come crawling back eventually.


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