Colorful for Windows Phone 7 Mango – An app for aiding color blind people

Colorful is a color detection application that help color blind people to recognize, tag and compare colors. It was developed by a team of 3 students and has won Microsoft’s #WPAppItUp Contest.

The free version will allow you to:

* Use advanced filters that will compensate for your specific color deficiency.

image image

* Recognize colors in your surroundings using the new Mango camera capabilities.
* Save up to 3 color tags for future reference and comparison.

image image

* Save an image with the additional information given by Colorful algorithms.

Getting the full version will allow you to:

  • Detect colors in photos from your device memory or from your social networks.
  • Use the compensation filters in live camera mode.
  • Save unlimited number of color tags.
  • Choose the color names detail level (simple, descriptive, artistic or developer mode).
  • Adjust the application settings.

Colorful is available for Mango users in the Marketplace with a free trial version and a full version for $1.99.
Download Colorful