Collecto v2.13 is out!

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Collecto allows you to store all your collections on your Windows Phone 7. For example, you can save all your DVD, CD, Blu-rays, books…

Manage your items

  • Using a very dynamic user interface you can add items with name, entry date and rating. You can scan barcode to quickly add items to your collections.
  • Items are grouped by letters to find them quickly.
  • You can associate pictures from Amazon, Bing, Google and Flickr (where you can publish your own photos).

Search items

  • You can simply search and find items in your collection that match a word.

Monitor your loans

  • Lend your items to friends and mark items to remember it. An email is sent to your friend when you want to get items back.

Lend items to your friends

  • Authorize your friends to see your collections and ask you to lend items.

Share your newly added items with your friends

  • When you add items in your collections, you can write a message on your Facebook wall.

Collecto QR code

Buy new items on Amazon

  • Directly from your collections, you can add new items on your shopping list and on your cart on Amazon.

The new version now also supports Tango phone !

You can grab it for free from Marketplace here or you can use this QR code.