Collecto for Windows Phone 7-A killer App

Store your collections

Collecto allow you to store all your collections on your Windows Phone 7. For example, you can save all your DVD, CD, books… You can create your own collection type.

Note that you can create hierarchical collections to manage precisely your items.

Manage your items

Using a very dynamic user interface you can add items with name, entry date and rating. Items are grouped by letters to find them quickly.

Search items

You can simply search and find items in your collection that match a word.

Monitors your loans

Lend your items to friends and mark items to remember it. An email is sent to your friend when you want to get items back.

Lend items to your friends

Authorize your friends to see your collections and ask you to lend items.

Share your newly added items with your friends

When you add items in your collections, you can write a message on your Facebook wall.