Formula 1 video game developer Codemasters has extended its contractual rights; the Codemasters F1 deal now lasts until 2025. 

Since the company acquired the official F1 license back in 2009, Codemasters has been making quality titles in the franchise.

Since the release of F1 2009, Codemasters has created a Formula 1 game every year without fail. While some are undoubtedly lower in quality than others – F1 2015 – the developer has always made the sport enjoyable in video game form.

As Formula 1 is set to evolve with a radical overhaul set for the upcoming 2021 season, Codemasters will also be working on continuing their impressive work with the video game series. With changes to rulesets, teams and the technical requirements of racers’ cars, F1 is about to get a lot more interesting.

With last year’s entry, F1 2019, we thought that Codemasters’ latest stab at the racing franchise was another good yet unambitious racer.

” Even with all that said there’s no denying that if a Formula 1 fan picks this up at launch, they’ll probably love it,” said our reviewer Kurt Perry. “All your favourite drivers and teams are there, the driving feels responsive and this year’s F1 Calendar track list is probably the best I’ve ever seen.”

“They’ve brought back historic events as well so timeless cars such as the ’76 McLaren M23-D and 09’ Brawn GP amongst many others are available. If I was to summarise F1 2019, it’s basically F1 2018 with a little more fan service thrown in for good measure. For some, that’s all they’ll have wanted and expected. For me, this year’s minor additions just weren’t enough.”