Cocktail Flow for Windows Phone 7 – so good it may drive you to drink

Occasionally we come across an application that we like more for being beautiful that useful. Cocktail Flow is one such app, obviously intended for the more sophisticated drinker 😉 , but with such visual flourish that it can not be ignored.

The application, which is pretty full featured and very visually attractive, does the following:

  • Virtual cabinet – tap the ingredients (spirits, liqueurs, mixers) and the app will show cocktails you can create from them.
  • Shopping assistant – offers ingredients to buy to create further cocktails. Also includes a price indication estimating how much buying the offered ingredients would cost.
  • Step by step recipes – all recipes are broken down to simple steps, outlining the creation process in a clear way.
  • Categorized lists – cocktails are categorized by base drink (e.g. rum, vodka, gin) and also by type (e.g. classical, tropical, shooter) making it easy to browse related cocktails
  • Search as you type – start typing part of the name of the cocktail in any cocktail list and the list will automatically be re-filtered
  • Similar cocktails – all cocktail recipes show a list of cocktails you should try if you liked them.
  • Getting started guides – the application’s guides explain essentials needed to know to create delicious cocktails
  • Amazing photography – all images have been carefully composed to reflect the fantastic experience you’ll feel when drinking them!

The app should hit the Windows phone marketplace in the next few weeks, and by itself should dispel the view that Windows Phone 7 applications need to look like Tron-like wireframes.

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