If there’s something strange in your coaster park, who you gonna call? Hopefully a qualified mechanic, engineer, or exorcist but if they’re not available, I suppose the Ghostbusters would do.

Speaking of the paranormal, the acclaimed construction and management simulation game Planet Coaster (which is also a spiritual successor to RollerCoaster Tycoon 3) is getting a Ghostbusters DLC pack.

The Ghostbusters DLC will feature an all new story driven scenario and new gameplay mechanics. There’ll also be new rides, characters, and scenery, all inspired by the 1984 film.

Dan Aykroyd will also be making an appearance! He’ll be reprising his role as Raymond Stantz, guiding players through the special Ghostbusters themed campaign. William Atherton will also be featured in the DLC, returning to his role as the antagonist Walter Peck.

Other iconic Ghostbusters characters will be featured in the DLC, including Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and the iconic ECTO-1 car. We’re counting the car as a character, okay?

There’s also a new interactive dark ride, aptly named ‘The Ghostbusters Experience’. The ride will allow players to assume the role of a Ghostbuster and bust those ghosts!

So, to sum up:

  • New campaign
  • Dan Aykroyd
  • William Atherton
  • New dark ride
  • New kiddie coaster (known as the RollerGhoster)
  • Classic Ghostbusters characters
  • Authentic scenery pieces
  • Authentic music

What’s not to love? Aside from all the pesky ghosts who’ll take up residence in your park, of course.

Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters will be available for purchase from Steam or the Frontier Store for just $14.99/£12.99.

Source: Planet Coaster.