Co0kie Home Tab 1.7 Demoed and Amazing

The cookie home tab mod has been the best way to customize your home tab for quite a long time, but we did not know it could do all this. The new cookie home tab had a revamp design, the slide indicator was relocated, it allows you to completely mod your home tab, and now has a lock screen. The new features are very elegant and brings a truly revolutionary change in the Sense world, because a mod has never accomplish this much modifications that it actually allows you to change your layout, I am very impressed with the results, and I am sure HTC would be proud.

New features:

-(new) move, add, remove and customize home tab items
-(new) 6 clock layouts (including analog) for lock and home screens
-(new) able to show 2 or 3 quick links rows in main view
-(new) notification bar (2 styles) with missed calls, sms and email icons
-(new) customizable lockscreen with 3 unlock slider choices (Manila, WM6.5, HD Mini styles)
-(new) more than 3 quick links pages (3×3 gets up to 6 pages, 4×4 – 5, 4×5 – 4, and 5×5 is limited to 3)
-(new) retractable slider
-(new) parameter support for button program links
-(new) automatic VGA mode detection
-(new) added voicemail notification button
-(changed) position of more appointments indicator arrow
-(changed) adjusted 3×3 quick links layout
-(fixed) exchange policies related issue
-(fixed) bug with appointment range set to 1
-(fixed) miscellaneous smaller bugs
-(updated) CHTEditor with new menus for 1.7