Cnet review of the HD2



Author WenWP // in Device, News

It seems after a quick review, the HD2 has achieved its baler status with Cnet. They recently reviewed the HTC device, and it seems the smartphone is now the highest rated on their site.

The review had a lot to say about the phone and there were very few issues.  The only criticism that came out of the review was the large size of the HD2, lack of US 3G, speakerphone and price, and most of these will be addressed by the T-mobile version.

If you remember, the T-mobile version will be very nicely priced, have US 3G, but will still have the huge size and the not perfect speakerphone. This is a start for T-mobile USA, but I am sure they will still have a big battle to fight vs AT&T’s iPhone 3GS, since they are priced the same.


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