CNET looks at the LG Panther

LG Panther

CNET has also recently had the opportunity for a hands-on with the Windows Phone 7 LG Panther.

They note the device looked a bit more work focussed, with a rather thick body, but their impression of the software was a bit more appealing.

When we took the phone for a spin, we were impressed by how polished the OS looked. Everything from music to maps proved smoothly responsive to our touch, and the operating system seemed to be living up to its promise.

Viewing and editing documents is a massive pain on the small screen, and we can’t recommend that you ditch your laptop for a mobile phone. But Office in WinPhev is focused on quickly jotting down notes — not analysing your yearly sales figures or writing your novel.

The OneNote app lets you take notes in the form of text, images or voice recordings. It can sync them wirelessly with your company’s SharePoint server, if it has one, or to the cloud via Windows Live SkyDrive, which sounds pretty cool.

See their gallery of pictures here.