CNET confirms the Lumia 950 and 950 XL will be AT&T exclusive in USA: Update – not so fast!


6, 2015


I think Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile flagships surprised us all with how attractive they looked at the official presentation, and I think many more of us are hoping to upgrade than earlier expected.

Unfortunately we can report today that in USA the handsets will be exclusive to AT&T, and not available via T-Mobile stores.

CNET quotes Tuula Rytila, Microsoft corporate vice president of marketing as saying:

“It’s the best distribution for this family of devices,” saying the handsets will receive more focussed promotion when exclusive to AT&T.

The devices will of course also be available unlocked (and able to work on T-Mobile) via Microsoft Stores and will be broadly available in Europe.

Unlocked the Lumia 950 will retail for $549 and the 950 XL will cost $649.

Update: CNET has now retracted part of their story, writing:

Correction, 1:54 p.m. PT:The deal between AT&T and Microsoft for the Lumia 950 is not an exclusive one.

I think we can assume the Lumia 950 XL will likely remain exclusive, and that the Lumia 950 may come to T-Mobile has earlier rumoured, but that Verizon will still remain uninvolved.

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