Clove updates buyers on NL 930 Free Wireless Kit situation


There apparently still exists some confusion about the free wireless kit that is meant to accompany the Nokia Lumia 930 in UK and probably elsewhere.

Clove has posted an update trying to clarify the issue.

Firstly, they are reassuring buyers that anyone who purchase a NL 930 before the 31st July will still get their kit, even if they have not been able to claim.  This is of course a very important item.

Next, they state that even if a colour goes of stock, it does not mean that that colour is not available forever.  The online store will be restocked, and that colour may once again become available. 

They write:

We apologise on behalf of Nokia for these problems and would advise you to keep trying the redemption site as further stock is being added, although you may decide to take an alternative colour.

Clove notes that originally they expected to ship the kit themselves, but that users should now go to , but if you have not been successful in redeeming the bundle they will liaise with Nokia, who have guaranteed to honour any such claims for Clove Technology.

The end with an apology, saying:

We would have preferred this offer to be run in a simpler way, so we could have offered you the level of service we wish to give and you should expect, but I did personally want to re-assure you that all such redemption claims will be honoured.

I have fortunately been able to get in to the site and make my claim. Have our readers been as successful? Let us know below.