CloudMuzik Google Music client upgraded to Windows Phone 8

Google’s never going to make any significant apps for Windows phone, but fortunately plenty of 3rd party developers have stepped up to the plate.

CloudMuzik is a Google Play Music client for Windows Phone, and the app has just been updated to Windows Phone 8 support.

The application supports:

  • Full Library support
  • Full Refresh of music library
  • Refresh of latest songs uploaded
  • Playlist support
  • Social sharing of current song
  • Repeat and Shuffle capabilities
  • Pinning of Artist, Album, Playlist and Genre to Start
  • Background Audio
  • Local song caching

The latest version adds:

  • Stability fixes
  • Allow deletion of Cached Songs from within Settings Menu
  • Song position picks back up where you left off when paused for a while
  • Fixed issues with duplicate songs
  • Added ability to rate app from within application bar menu

CloudMuzik is free and can be found in the Windows Phone Store here.