CloudMesh updated to 1.4 and on sale

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CloudMesh is an app that enables you to manage all your cloud accounts and your local ones. You can easily copy/delete/move files from one cloud to another, upload files or download them to your phone. The app has an integrated search that let you find out where is that one file across all your cloud accounts and sync system that lets you upload or download your files from or to your phone.

Today we announce the 1.4 version with the following changes:

  • 4Shared support
  • 4Sync support
  • Three new languages, Catalan, Czech and Persian
  • Track files and folders, the app sends you a notification when a specific file or folder was changed.
  • Increased performance on cloud browsing
  • Fixed a bunch of crash bugs.
  • Performance and ui enhancements.

Right now the app supports Dropbox, Box, GoogleDrive, MeoCloud, Facebook, Phone files, SD Card, Onedrive, Mega,, 4Shared and 4Sync.


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Free  Version Pro Version ($1.99)
Download Link Download Link

The free version is ad supported and has a 3 cloud accounts limitation and only allows 1 sync configuration, besides that all features are available on the free version.

You can follow app news and talk to us on our Twitter or Facebook Page, suggest a feature on our UserVoice or help us translate on OneSkyApp.