Cloudflare partners with Microsoft, IBM, and others to help reduce the bandwidth costs


27, 2018

Popular CDN Cloudflare has partnered with internet companies to curb the ever-rising bandwidth costs. The partnership includes  Automattic, Backblaze, Digital Ocean, DreamHost, IBM Cloud, Linode, Microsoft Azure, Packet, Scaleway and Vapor.

The idea is to help customers who use both Cloudflare and a cloud provider that’s part of this partnership will get a significant discount on their traffic or won’t have to pay for it at all.

The argument that we made to them was a pretty simple argument: it makes sense for you to charge for transit when you are actually paying for it

– Matthew Prince, CEO, Cloudflare

Cloudflare was one of the first company to join this program but the CEO feels that the challenge is far from over. One of the major challenges right now known the mutual customers and making sure they know the traffic source. One of the companies missing from this program is Amazon. However, Prince said that Cloudflare has been in talks with Amazon for including AWS and also noted that the program is open to all the cloud and CDN providers.

Via: Tech Crunch

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