Cloud Raiders gets a big update


3, 2015


Strategy action game Cloud Raiders has been updated to version

In the game you plot to take over a world where the sky is filled with millions of floating islands, and you must dominate them all. Assemble your army of ruthless raiders and transform your island into an impregnable fortress of doom! Form clans with your friends and blast your enemies out of the skies!

Version 7.0 the game brought Stronghold 10, a new troop type, towers and a few surprises along the way:

  • Stronghold Level 10: The floodgates are open! Upgrade your Stronghold to level 10 before anyone else and enjoy a whole new set of deadly contraptions! Dragon Tower, Poison Barrels, the indomitable Gauntlet and dozens of dangerous upgrades await! Put those clouds to good use, Captain.
  • New Level Cap: Level cap raised to 160! Actually, hang on… let’s make that 180!
  • Gauntlet : The strangest troop to arrive in the clouds yet… immense damage, incredible toughness and a strange charisma makes him one of the most dangerous troops ever to set foot on the airborne archipelago!
  • Dragon Tower: The Builders Guild™ has cooked up a fire-breathing, lava-spewing bbq-grilling tower. It takes a while to warm up, but the damage output is colossal. Also doubles as a hog-grill for summertime troop rallies.
  • Poison Barrel: Drop this barrel to create a pool of deadly poison on the battlefield. Anyone stepping in it will receive continuous poison damage!

The very latest update also brought;

  • Updated News Hub: Now you can earn daily rewards through the News Hub. Check it out and claim your FREE Diamonds! Today and every day! Forever and ever!
  • Fully Redesigned Inventory: We completely redesigned the inventory to be more convenient as you store and manage your stuff! No more pain in the aft as you try to find your Nature Blessing! You can easily find and sort exactly what you need.

See screen shots of the game below:

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Find the game in the Windows Store here:

Cloud Raiders
Cloud Raiders
Price: Free

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