Cloud Music SkyDrive streaming music player–good idea, needs some work

3 of 8UPDATE: Cloud Music has been hidden from the marketplace due to an unexpected change in SkyDrive’s API, causing the app to not work. The developer is working on a fix.

Cloud Music is an app designed to make your 25 GB SkyDrive allocation a lot more useful.

It will search your SkyDrive for uploaded music, download or stream it and allow one to create playlists.

Even better is that it supports background playback, and will also scan your SkyDrive folders in the background and notify you of any new music – perfect for a shared SkyDrive folder loaded with mp3s.

The app will also cache the last 20 songs played, which should minimize data use and make the app more responsive. It can also download music instead of streaming it, meaning you can always keep your favourite music on you.

The app is a great collection of great ideas, and the UI looks brilliant, but unfortunately the 1.0.0 version of the app is still very buggy and needs a lot of work, and while it supports mp3s and AAC, it does not support WMAs. It also needs a way to clear the previously uploaded library, and setting up the album tree takes too much work.  Even worse uploading music to SkyDrive is painfully slow.  The free Cloud Storage Explorer however really helps with this.

Update (from developer): WMA support currently isn’t possible due to the way SkyDrive handles them. A way to clear the previously uploaded library will be added in the next version.

Overall Cloud Music is a great idea which needs a lot of polishing, but at the moment is not worth the $1.29 the developer is asking.  Get it working properly however and I will be first in line.

Download the free trial from Marketplace here and see the future for yourself.


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