Google makes it easy to search for clothes, shoes and accessories online

Jacket shopping

Google today announced a new feature in Google Search that will enable you to easily find clothes, shoes and accessories online. Instead of displaying 10 blue links to various stores, Google will now aggregate the products listed across the web in one place, allowing you to easily browse lots of different stores and brands at once.

For example, you can just search for “running shoes,” Google will display popular products from stores across the web. Google also allows you to filter by style, department and size type, or look at different images of a product. You’ll also have quick access to reviews. As always, you need to visit the store’s website to complete your purchase.

Google has indexed and organized products from over a million online shops to roll out this new feature. For now, Google does not charge sites to be part of the Google Search index. But in the future, Google may start selling ad positions in this new product search experience.

In the future, Google is planning to expand this new search feature to more queries, categories, devices and products.

Source: Google