Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is returning to making games with a new IP after closing his studio Boss Key Productions in 2018. 

Cliff Bleszinski’s latest venture into games was announced in a Tweet which revealed this new IP will be a collaboration between himself, writer Alex de Campi and artist Sandy Jarrell.

While this new IP has been officially announced now, Bleszinski isn’t providing any more details, saying in the tweet “that’s all I can say now.” He did at least let us know that his new collaborative partners are “both fantastic to work with” so hopefully this latest game will be a success. 

After seeing great successes in his work on the first three Gears of War games, until his retirement from Epic Games in 2012, Bleszinski set about creating his own studio, Boss Key Productions in 2014.

This studio, unfortunately, didn’t reach the same generation-defining heights of the Gears of War series, with 2017’s hero shooter Lawbreakers, and 2018’s battle royale Radical Heights both failing commercially, causing the studio to close just a month after Radical Height’s release. 

Hopefully, Cliff Bleszinski’s latest new IP won’t be another commercial flop, but only time will tell whenever it releases. Since this collaboration is only just being announced, it may well be a long while till we hear anything more.