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imageMicrosoft is streaming their Microsoft Surface RT keynote starting at 1:30 EST, which is just in a few minutes.

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Presentation over.

14:12 Says Surface has twice the storage of competing tablets. Now available online and at over 60 Microsoft Stores.

14:10 Pulls up a student – says Surface is great for students. Had one for 4 days. Shows how the device can connect to USB peripherals. Says 100% of the top selling devices work with Surface.

14:05 Shows multi-tasking also. Says the touch cover feels great on the hand. Finally shows how the Surface can be used on the lap.

14:04 Says he typed 50-60 words per minute.

14:01 Talks about Touch Cover making the device a productivity device.Says the Surface is running the lighting and Excel and Powerpoint which is running the presentation.

13:59 Talking about Touch Cover. Says it gives great visceral feeling. Talks about clamping and alignment magnets. Shows the Surface hanging by the cover.

13:57 Talking about Surface creating memory. Shows a video recorded by the Surface.  Shows how one can record video just by setting the device down. Giving another Surface away.

13:54 Talking about Surface as a stage for Windows. Talking about the kick stand. Talks about the 22 degree angle due to the kick stand which means they can make the camera perfectly angled.

13:50 Does a drop test of the device  survives. Steve shows off the Surface Skateboard.

13:48 Shows off Hydrothunder game.

13:47 Now talking Xbox Music with Surface being the ultimate music controller.  Panos keeps giving away Surface tablets.

13:46 Talking about the screen again, says it has great contrast and low reflectivity due to optical bonding. Transfers a movie from one tablet to another via Smartglass and the Xbox.

13:45 Talking about MIMO WIFI antennas now. Says it will get great reception where other devices get none.

13:42 Talks about the microSD card, again a dig at Apple. Says a 64 GB card can hold 40 movies, the can watch 5 movies on one battery.

13:35 Explains that every component are custom, including the screen which has “great clarity”. Everything has to feel “right”.

13:35 Hands over to Panos. Talking about the device as a tablet. Explaining why 10.6 inch screen size was chosen ( a dig at Apple’s 7.9 inch tablet). He says W8 was designed for the screen size.

13:34  The event has started and Steve Sinofsky is talking about the passion of the team and the commercials