CleverTabu – now available!

A new opportunity to have fun with your friends  anywhere you go has arrived! CleverTabu is a social game, based on Taboo by Hasbro, in which players take turns in presenting a random word, which their team has to guess in allotted time with the help of the player’s clues. But the person presenting can’t use forbidden words which would easily give away the answer! Try to explain “hammer” without using expressions such as “tool”, “nail”, “whack”, “wood” and “DIY”! Funny, entertaining, engaging – ideal for 4 or more players.  And now you can take this fantastic game with you everywhere!

Full version includes  500 different cards in 2 language versions: English and Polish, as well as 2 game modes. In FREE PLAY, the application is in charge of score and time, letting players focus on fun. In CARDS ONLY mode, the application only displays cards, leaving time and points counting to the players.

PRICE: 1,49$

Be sure to try it for free! Trial version includes 50 different cards, 2 language versions, and 2 game modes.


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