Clarification on the Windows Phone 7 OS update


I wrote an article earlier today about the WP7 update process which indicated that carriers would have the power delay some updates for up to one cycle. Thanks to one of our readers, smarty79, he directed me to an interview with Andrew Brown, Program Manager for Windows Phone Update on the Windows Phone Thoughts website, that offers clarity to the process. The salient quote from the interview

WPT: Microsoft creates the update, but does it go right to the phone from Microsoft update servers? Or is there carrier or OEM testing first that has to happen? And if that’s the case, knowing the carriers the way we all do, will the process drag out during their phase? Can a carrier stop Microsoft from releasing an update? Or can Microsoft override the carrier in a worst-case scenario?

Brown: In terms of who creates the update, I should clarify that Microsoft is ultimately responsible for “packaging”, if you will, the update, as well as delivering it to the phone. But OEMs and Mobile Operators can submit their own update code as part of an overall update that is delivered through Microsoft Update. We definitely will work very closely with our partners to make sure updates are tested thoroughly, but also released in a timely fashion, following standard practices in the industry today for smartphone devices.

Follow up on the link to read the whole interview because it lays to rest the worries I had of being at the mercy of carriers when it came to OS updates.