Clarification on Kyocera and Windows Phone

Earlier this week we posted a hands-on on with Kyocera’s prototype Windows Phone including a release timeframe and availability, however, upon returning to speak to another more senior member of staff we got a different statement and a clarification.
Kyocera’s Windows Phone device was just a prototype put there as a proof of concept. They could, put the device out there tomorrow and sell it, but they aren’t going to. Why? It all boils down to niches and market share. Kyocera makes phones that are bulky, heavy and meant for specialised use. In other words, they sell in a niche market.
The manager recited market share figures, noting that Windows Phone’s highest market share was still under 20 percent in European markets. As Kyocera is a niche manufacturer, they would essentially be making devices for a niche within a niche which is rarely profitable.
However, it isn’t entirely all bad news. They are still investigating the viability of Windows Phone and may choose to release the Windows version of the Torque later in the year.
Now that that’s cleared up, have a look at pictures of what could have been: