Claimed hands-on with the Nokia 900 rumours 4.7 inch AMOLED screen (Update: Actually 4.3 inch screen)


10 is claiming to have had a hands-on with the Nokia 900 and have some very specific info to share.

They claim the device will have a massive 4.7 inch large 4.3 inch screen like the HTC Titan, but using AMOLED technology. The phone will apparently have ”a nicer camera to compliment the big screen”. The handset will apparently also retain the same appearance as the Lumia 800, but may have a gloss finish depending on feedback.

Geektechblog also notes the microSIM card will be removable using a pin like the iPhone rather than the current, rather complicated system, and that the microUSB slot will be uncovered.

They confirm the handset will run Tango, but claim NFC support will have to wait for Apollo.

No we never heard of Geektechblog, so we do not know how much credence to give this rumour.   What would our readers think of such a monster from Nokia? Let us know below.

Update: The Geek tech blog have updated their article to change the screen size to 4.3 inch, which is of course consistent with what was leaked earlier, and which makes all the rest more believable.

As long as we are throwing rumours out there, Nokia Gadgets claims to have a bit more info, saying the Nokia 900 has:

  • 16GB and 32GB versions
  • Front Facing camera
  • 4.3? Clear Black Display
  • 125.5 x 65.8 x 9 mm
  • 8mpx camera with single LED
  • LTE
  • Custom video calling app
  • Via MML

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