Claim of 2 GDR updates coming to Windows Phone 8.1 this year


Windows Phone 8.1 has not even been released yet, and already rumours are going around about updates coming to the software.

We posted two days ago on a leak by a Microsoft employee BaadFood who wrote:

Windows (Windows Server, Windows Phone, XBOX, (Unnammed thingy)) are going to take drops from our next release ‘Threshold’ which will be out like in October-December. the WinPhone team has had their asses handed to them and have been told to develop in parellel with us in the core OS group so I’d expect a 6-8 month ‘major’ update going forward. QFE’s, Bug Fixes, Security Fixes etc in the interim but something cool and new every 6-8 months

Now WPCentral reports on a rumour that we can expect an update as early as June, similar to GDR1, which may just be bug fixes for WP8.1, and then a larger update in November/December, similar to GDR3.

This will eventually be followed by the next OS update, which may be called Windows Phone 9 and which is code-named “Theshold”.

WPC speculates one of these updates would bring a gesture based 3D control system for use in Goldfinger, due Q1 2015, and another may also enable a dual-camera Windows Phone similar to the new HTC One (M8).

For those troubled by slow carrier updates, WPC also suggests the updates will be available via Developer Preview.

Would our readers be happy with this pace? Let us know below.