Claim: HTC is working on a 4.7 inch 1080P Windows Phone

We have heard that a Windows Phone by HTC called the HTC Harmony was on its way this fall.

Now website WindowsPhoneBlogging claims to have the inside track on this handset, reporting it will have a 4.7 inch Super LCD3 1080p dis­play, 2 GB of mem­ory, 32 GB of stor­age and Win­dows Phone 8 GDR3. It will also come with HTC’s usual Beats Audio tuning.

The handsets is expected in the October-November time­frame, which is more usual than the rumoured September launch of the Nokia Lumia 1520.

The handset will have one compelling feature over Nokia’s handset, being an actual pocketable size, and I wonder if this will make any of out readers opt for HTC’s Windows Superphone vs Nokia’s version.