Civ 5 designer’s new project, At the Gates, releases very soon

December 11, 2018

Jon Shafer’s work on Civilisation V is well-regarded. After the streamlined experience that was Civilisation Revolution, V was a much-welcome return to form.

Shafer’s new project, At the Gates, has been in development for seven years. It’ll finally be launching on Steam very soon. How soon? January 23rd, 2019!

Jon Shafer's At the Gates - Official Trailer

In At the Gates, you’ll be battling the shrinking Roman empire as a barbarian force. It aims to revitalize the 4x genre, one full of potential but also quite diluted by an overwhelming sea of competitors.

Features of Jon Shafer’s At the Gates:

An Evolving Map – Seasons and weather dramatically transform the landscape around you. The river that served as a barrier in the summer might become a highway for your enemies!

Manage Clan Personalities – Each of your clans has unique traits and desires. Choose what you do with them carefully.

Roguelike Elements – Resources run out, and you need to always be on the lookout for more. Your neighbors can be immensely strong and require tip-toeing around. It won’t be easy, or even fair.

Watercolor Art Style – A beautiful watercolor landscape serves as a canvas for your clever economic and military strategies.

Tooltips-in-Tooltips! – AtG features a revolutionary user interface which utilizes “tooltips-in-tooltips” for the very first time, making it vastly easier to learn the game without sacrificing any complexity.

At the Gates will be just £24.99 on release.

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