City Walk for Windows Phone 7 encourages exploration of your city

City Walk (as the name suggests) is an application for walkers (or joggers). The idea is basic. Each city is divided into 50×50 meter squares. A larger city will have a larger area, thus more squares. The goal is to cover as many of the squares as possible while you are walking. The application will remember which squares are covered and send information about it to a central server to prevent loss of data and enable high score lists.

The high score is the competitive part of the application. You can easily see if you are the one who has covered the most squares in your city or if you have some catching up to do. One user can of course be active in several cities. The software is a good companion on a holiday or business trip, to encourage exploration of the new city, and to keep track of where you have been already, and what you have not seen yet.

Today the application database consists of about 20000 cities from over 130 countries. If your city is missing, you only need to send an e-mail to and the city will be added within 24h.

While walking you are (besides the map) also presented a pane with info such as your current speed and your total distance of the day and of course City Walk also runs under locked screen.

Read more about City Walk at here.

City Walk is $0.99 and can be found in Marketplace here.