Citrix Receiver for Windows Mobile 6.5 released

by Surur
April 25, 2010

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WinMoCitrixReceiver11.5-1Citrix is the granddaddy of remote access, and the company has now released a remote desktop receiver for Windows Mobile 6.5 that supports the gestures on the platform, including swiping and scrolling.

The software allows zooming, unfortunately not via multi-touch, and features an extended keyboard with function keys to improve compatibility with desktop software. The software also features accelerometer support on select devices, and for others allow rotation via the menus.

The full new feature list in 11.5 include:

  • Support for WM6.5
  • XenDesktop Support
  • New In session UI interface
  • Touch Gestures support for WM 6.5
  • Dynamically change the session resolution
  • Extended keyboard
  • Accelerometer support for HTC devices
  • New improved Zoom control

The software can be downloaded here, and is also now available via Marketplace.


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