CinemaNow Coming to all Windows Phones



Author WenWP // in News


For some time now, we have known about CinemaNow being available to the HD2, but Sonic is looking at the big picture. They recently announced to investors the availability of their CinemaNow software to all windows phones.

The CEO of Sonic also had a few words to say.

“Sonic’s goal is to leverage device and format expertise … to power digital delivery as a format that offers consumers greater convenience and flexibility than physical discs,” Habiger said.

“We continue to believe the key viewing area [for movies] is the living room,” said Ralp Schackart, digital media analyst with William Blair & Co.

This seems like a sure thing, and with the sales of Windows Mobile rapidly increasing due to some big hitters like the HD2 it will be a matter of time before more companies sign up for the Windows Phones train.


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