CI Games fires Lords of the Fallen 2’s director and reduces scope of project

According to a report in Eurogamer, Lords of the Fallen 2’s director has been let go, and the size of the sequel to 2014’s Dark Souls-like game has been drastically reduced by developer CI Games. Director Tomasz Gop said:

“I was let go because of a reduction in team, in scope, in budget, in business approach…Almost 2 years I’ve been working on the sequel and I have not seen it leave the concept-vision stage. I was working on something I was really 100% into and we were not producing the game…There came a time when Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 was the most important thing for CI Games, the next big hit. It also might have been the reason why Lords of the Fallen 2 was not progressing as fast. Of course it’s not uncommon knowledge that Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 didn’t go exactly according to plan, especially if it goes for sales. And here we are.”

It’s surprising that Gop was let go because recently CI Games sent out a press release emphasizing a deeper commitment to their projects. The original Lords of the Fallen wasn’t really such an expansive experience as any Dark Souls game and utilized a lot of backtracking. It’s a shame that the scope of the project has been reduced because the first game had a lot of promise. Hopefully CI Games will discuss the project in the coming months. We expected the title to release in 2017 but that’s probably not going to happen now.

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