Chronos Calendar + receives a fairly large update


Chronos Calendar +, one of the most popular alternative calendar apps for Windows Phone, has just picked up a fairly substantial update for Windows Phone devices. A common complaint for the app developers was that the app only supported holidays for the current year and was not optimized for future national holidays.  This update now adds national holidays for 2016 – 2018 for several European countries and Canada.

It also adds some more tile customization features with newer live tiles and modifications to older live tiles. it may not be a full Windows 10 app, but the breadth of this app’s features just blows Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar app away in my opinion.

Check the full changelog below and download the app from the store below.

  • Culture calendars for 2016-2018: Poland, Swedish-Finland, China, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, France, Austria & Hungary.
  •  General improvements.
  •  Culture calendars for 2016-2018: Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Italy & Russia.
  • Culture calendars: Canadian-French.
  • New wide tiles DA07 & DB04 with centered today text.
  •  Italian translation corrections
  • Culture calendars: Moldova.
  • New switch in tile settings for dimming the time on/off. Focusing more on the subject.
  • Minor improvements.
  •  New wide tile DB03.
Chronos Calendar
Chronos Calendar
Developer: Chronosphere
Price: 2,49 €