Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will come with a Focus Mode

Microsoft announced Chromium-based Microsoft Edge back in December and since then we have been learning about the various features that Microsoft plans to incorporate. Since Edge is now based on Chromium, the browser will have most, if not all the features that are available on Chromium.

One of the features that we reported was focus mode. Google has been working on the feature for the last couple of months. Now it looks like Microsoft will adopt the feature for Edge as well. According to a new flag spotted in Edge, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will also come with a Focus Mode. Focus Mode will allow users to open a website in a new tab without any distracting elements like other tabs, bookmarks and more. Microsoft is also expected to add Reading Mode to Edge to improve the overall experience of Focus Mode.

According to a commit (via Windows Latest), Google is working on improving Focus Mode further with better UI and more features but there’s no ETA on that. Also, speaking of ETA, there’s none on the launch of Microsoft Edge as well but we do expect it to happen soon. In the meantime, you can check out our hands-on of Chromium-based Microsoft Edge on Windows 7 and Windows 10.