Chromium-based Edge gets password reveal option with the latest Canary update

Around a month ago, Google updated Chrome Canary with an option to reveal the passwords. The feature which has been present on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge was somehow missing from the Chromium framework. While Google did allow users to reveal passwords on their own website, it wasn’t possible on third-party websites.

Google, however, updated the framework and added the password reveal option to the Canary build. Following on Google’s footsteps, Microsoft has now added the option to Chromium-based Edge. To test the feature, you will need to be on Chromium-based Edge v79.0.293.0. The feature works on most of the websites and you can click on the little eye icon on the very end of the password field to reveal the password. Do note that for security reasons, the feature works only when the password is entered manually and gets disabled when the password is auto-filled into the password field.

We expect Microsoft to roll the feature out to Dev and Beta branches soon. In the meantime, you can download the Canary build and try out the feature for yourself.

Via Techdows