Chrome OS 75 now rolling out again


9, 2019

Google’s Chrome OS 75 was made available to users last week, albeit with a host of unforeseen issues including freezes and wifi issues. Google pulled the update in order to address the bugs and has now made it available for download once more. The update was initially only available to the Pixel Slate, but has now been made generally available to other Chromebooks based on user reports and personal experience.

In case you missed it, Chrome OS 75 will add the following:

  • Feature to let parents grant more time to their kids on Chrome OS devices
  • Enabling kid friendly Assistant for child accounts
  • Linux (Beta) can now access Android devices over USB
  • Files app support for 3rd party file provider apps implementing Android DocumentsProvider APIs
  • Add support for PIN code with native printers for managed devices

Coverage: Android Police

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