A Christmas Story: The best customer service ever received


25, 2015


Roughly three years ago, I purchased my first Windows Phone -the Nokia Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8 Update 1. It was the phone that single-handedly sold me on Windows Phone and Nokia Lumias. Despite being specced weakly, it provided a complete experience with everything from NFC, to a high ppi clearback display, to a decent camera. It was my first Lumia, so I had gotten pretty attached to it despite issues around Windows Phone 8’s storage handling.

A few months later, the 620 inexplicably developed a hardware fault with the volume button. I’m not entirely clear on how that happened, but somehow the button to increase the volume ceased to function no matter how I pressed it, and I had just happened to reduce my volume to 0. As Windows Phone did not have any separate or software controls for volume, I could not get any sound out of my phone at all.

My first recourse was to soft reset, then hard reset. The issue was not fixed. I then attempted to get the phone repaired at a Nokia Care center in East London (I’m not sure if there are any others in London). However, upon getting there, I was informed that as my Lumia  was a Hong Kong Model, I was SOL as far as warranty was concerned.

At my wit’s end and without anything else I could do, I took the nuclear option. I emailed Steven Elop, Nokia’s then CEO,  Yes, I had a warranty issue with my phone, so  I emailed the CEO, expecting nothing in response. One hour later, I received two emails.

Cringey email

The first was marked from Stephen Elop (most likely one of his assistants  but he most likely had some input),the second was from Nokia Customer care requesting for contact details and an address for phone pick up. One week later, I had a Lumia 620 that was for all intents and purposes new and a new warranty valid in the EU and the UK by definition.

In this case, for all intents and purposes, there was no reason for anyone in Nokia to help me out or even pay attention to my somewhat poorly written email, but they did and fixed my problem with no obvious benefit to them. That’s amazing customer service that has kept me using Lumia products till date. There’s no deeper meaning behind this post, nor is there an overall point, it is just an anecdote that goes with the theme of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to Mr. Elop,and the Nokia, Lumia, Microsoft teams, and to all our readers.

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