Christmas gift ideas for Windows Mobile users



As the gift-giving season approaches many of us may wonder what would be an appropriate gift for the season. For geeks it is relatively easily – some form of cool technology usually does the trick (and definitely NOT socks)

To help guide these purchasers, WMPoweruser has teamed up with Expansys. Not only will we be highlighting great gift ideas, but we have thousands of £10 off gift vouchers to share also.

To kick of the series, we have this excellent deal. Expansys is selling the Sandisk 16 GB MicroSD card for £44.99. While this may seem a bit pricy, add in a £10 gift voucher and the cost is suddenly a near irresistible £34.99.

Edit: Apologies to our dear readers. It was only when we were mailing out the vouchers that we saw the terms and conditions forbid its use of memory cards. While the memory card is still a very attractive gift, at £44.99 they are a bit pricy.

One gadget which has given me a lot of pleasure of the years and I can heartily recommend is the Slingbox, for streaming your own TV over the internet to your smartphone. Get it at Expansys for £69.99. This device is of course eligible for a £10 of voucher.


When I give presents I prefer giving something the other person wants, but cant really justify. The HTC Touch Diamond cradle certainly falls in that category. Its great design will look great on a desk, but at £36.99 its difficult to make a case for. At £26.99 it is a lot more palatable.

To get the voucher simply e-mail The vouchers can be used online or for telephone orders at UK 0161 868 0868 (stating you got your voucher via and remain valid until 31 December 2008 and can be used for most items in the store.

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