Choose your Game – “Drop Hunt” or “Lamphead” or “Blitz Blotz”

Presented by Oriplay Games.

Drop Hunt
Play Addictive puzzle

Smart Dots

Smart Dots

Gameplay – swipe drop to their color jar.
DROPS are move together when you swipe!

Join an adventurous puzzle race to cure a little girl! Help Dr.Dunno to collect all drops of his unique miraculous elixir. Hunt for drops!

In this FREE version:
* Be ready to overcome 80 LEVELS in 4 different locations!
* Train yourself with LOGICAL PUZZLES and brain teasers!
* Have FUN with cute characters. Never get bored!
* Enjoy cute animations and the AMAZING ATMOSPHERE!
* and MORE!

Start now. Leave no stone unturned!

Download Drop Hunt from the  Windows Phone Store for free!

Smart Dots


Dash as fast as you can!

Smart Dots

Smart Dots

Gameplay – tap to flip up and down to avoid obstacles.

Help Bob, cute & fearless escape from dangerous forest.

In this FREE version:
* Beautiful and vivid graphics
* Get battery to light your way
* Collect coins to save him!
* Adorable sound effects!
* Challenge and help your friends!

The protagonist of this game is a strange man with a lamp instead his head who needs to breach out of the darkened
and dangerous odd place at whatever cost. Are you ready to prove that your reaction is outstanding, shunting between
sharp barriers, collecting bonuses, remembering that in the end of every dark path the light of victory awaits?

We are ready to offer you a one-off runner game, where tiresome jumps are replaced with moving of the protagonist
between two equitable planes. Try it! What if you like it?

Download Lamphead from the  Windows Phone Store for free!

Smart Dots


Blitz Bunt
Play Arcade Game

Smart Dots

Smart Dots

Gameplay – tap & drag to collect points.

In this FREE version:
* Beautiful and vivid graphics
* Get speed to slow down
* Adorable sound effects
* Get the Best results

One would think that there’s nothing difficult to move a small circle through some other moving little circles? “I can do it all day long!” you’ll say.
So try it. Is it so hard to watch several circles of various colors? Failure? Again? Well, you’re just a slowpoke!

Sharpen your skill in controlling of several multicolored circles and who knows, your record may become something you can make a vaunt to you friends.

Download Blitz Blotz from the  Windows Phone Store for free!

Smart Dots

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