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As long-time [Chive]( fans, we wanted to create a Windows Phone app

As long-time Chive fans, we wanted to create a Windows Phone app that made the mobile Chive browsing experience beautiful, and now we are looking for users to download our free app!

We are proud of our work, and can’t wait for you to check it out. Our last update includes animated GIF support 🙂

Allow us to present Chiver, we hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.

Chiver QRCurrent features of the app:

  • View the Chive’s posts from the major categories of the site
  • View and Share the great photos on the site
  • Watch videos
  • animated Gif support

Released a little over one month ago, we are looking for Windows Phone users to download the app and let us know what features/enhancements to add next!

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