Chitika: Windows 8 Now Represents 2.3% Of Windows-based Web Traffic In US

Windows 8 was released to general consumers on Oct 26th by Microsoft and following the release it was announced that over 40 million copies of Windows 8 was sold after 1 month of its release. Chitika today released a report which measures the Windows based web traffic in US. According to them, Windows 8 now holds 2.3% of the Windows based web traffic in US.

Based on the graph above, Web traffic from Windows 8 users constituted 2.3% of all Windows traffic as of December 13th 2012 – exactly 48 days after its release. In comparison, 48 hours following Apple’s release of Mac OS X Mountain Lion, its new OS had already captured 3.2% of Mac Web usage. Both Windows 8 and Mountain Lion were available as downloadable upgrades to consumers for $40 and $20, respectively.

I guess Windows 8 usage will further accelerate as more Windows 8 based tablets and convertibles reach consumers hands in coming months.