Chinese OEM Oppo may join the Windows Phone brigade

by Surur
July 24, 2012


WPDang reports that Chinese OEM Oppo, who makes the thinnest smartphone in the world (only 6.65 mm thick) may be jumping on the Windows Phone bandwagon in 2013.

The OEM is not as big as ZTE or Huawei, but has a reputation for making low cost but stylish and unique devices, such as the Find 3 above, which while only being 6.65mm thick (0.26 inch) still sports a 1.5 Ghz dual-core Qualcomm MSM8260 processor and 1GB of RAM and costs less than $400 unlocked.

WPDang notes that Microsoft selected Oppo primarily because its strength was hardware design rather than software customization, leaving the rest up to Microsoft and Windows Phone 8.

Read more at WPDang here.


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