Chinese government blocks Foxconn’s plan to restart iPhone production

Foxconn is a leading ODM that manufactures millions of iPhones every year in China. Due to Coronavirus outbreak, Foxconn last week announced that it is extending the leave of its factory workers until Feb 9th. While everyone was expecting Foxconn to restart its production facilities from tomorrow (Feb 10th), Chinese government has now ordered Foxconn not to restart the production for another week. All Foxconn factories in China will remain closed until Feb 15th.

Foxconn has more than a million employees working in several factories in China alone. After reviewing the factories, Chinese health authorities have informed Foxconn that there are high risks of coronavirus infection and therefore are not suitable to restart work. Compal Electronics which manufactures iPad is also extending the leave of its employees until next week.

“The local governments do not want to risk the potential virus spreading in such a labor-intensive working environment. No one wants to bear the responsibility of restarting work at this critical moment,” one of the sources told Nikkei Asian Review.

Chinese government is taking all measures to prevent further outbreak of Coronavirus inside China. They even have strict laws in place,  violation of epidemic prevention and control could potentially face the death penalty in China.

Source: Nikkei