China has removed the viral infection simulator Plague Inc from Steam, citing “illegal” content as the reason behind it’s removal.  

The simulator game, which has been around on mobile since October 2012, is one of the most beloved mobile titles of all time.

Giving players the option to create a pathogen and infect the world, the strategic game requires players to micromanage evolutionary strains of their infection to infect the entire world and then wipe it out.

Amidst the spreading of the Coronavirus, which has already shut down factories and trade shows such as GDC, China has removed the game from Steam claiming that it houses “illegal content.”

“This situation is completely out of our control,” announced developer and publisher Ndemic Creations.

“We’re really sad to announce that Plague Inc. has been removed from the China App Store. This is completely out of our control and we are working to find a way to bring the game back to our players in China.”

China’s censor-heavy government doesn’t surprise in the slightest with their unfair removal of Plague Inc. While the Coronavirus spreads, downloads of the game are skyrocketing with the game reaching the number one downloads spot on iOS. Of course, China has already removed that version, too.

Despite developer Ndemic Creations stating that their game does not represent the spread of the Coronavirus, China’s unruly government isn’t one to listen to reason, especially during this time of crisis.