Chicks’N’Vixens denied Xbox LIVE Title status




Chicks’N’Vixens, the Angry Birds clone exclusive to Windows Phone 7 platform was turned down by Microsoft to become a Xbox Live title because of its similarity to Original Angry Birds. Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone 7 as Xbox Live title in April. Microsoft may argue that there will be problem related to IP, but leaving this particular matter apart, I think Microsoft should clearly define the terms to become a Xbox LIVE title so that developers can develop their games accordingly. I have come across many 3rd party developers raising their issue that Microsoft is supporting only large publishers to enable Xbox LIVE titles. Lets see what happens as the WP7 platform evolves. BTW, Chicks’N’Vixens beta is now available in Windows Phone 7 marketplace and here is the review of it from us.

Thanks to Jason Lefevers for the tip.

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